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Whether you require filming for an event, a sales promotional film, testimonials, and internal communications film, training video or a commercial; our production team can assist with what you need to help expand your business. We provide the creative support, filming, editing and distribution while keeping you involved throughout the process.

Our expertise is creating your corporate video

To have a successful marketing campaign it is essential for your business to have a corporate video.  Your Corporate Video provides a vast selection of elements that can be incorporated into your video.  Our expertise is creating the perfect video representing your business and brand.

The services we offer

Our company can assist you with: filming, editing, animation, logo design, web design, presenters, photography and other services.  We will provide any content required to accompany your corporate video.  We promise to work closely with you to deliver high quality content for all facets of your business.


Pre-Production Consultation

The pre-production consultation is essential to determining how we will not only meet, but excel the expectations
you have for your corporate video.



You will have a range of options to choose the way in which your video can be produced. The options include, but are not limited to:
How it is filmed (on location, in a studio), whether it’s led by a presenter, your staff, or a
voice over, and the production equipment to be used; such as a camera crane for elevated shots.


Talent Selection

We use a selection process to ensure only the most talented presenters and voice over actors are selected to appear in your video.
We will then present you with a list that you can choose from, including demo clips.


Script Writing

Effective script writing is a particularly specialised field.
The script will be responsible for the successful delivery of your message and of the desired action from your target audience that follows.
Our script writers have professional backgrounds in video scripting and direct response copywriting. The combination of these result in powerful corporate videos which stand out within the industry.


Media Creation

Media creation is undertaken before filming begins.
This process involves:

  • Recording of voice overs
  • Animating graphics
  • Creating still graphics

With the above materials submitted and approved prior to filming, editing can begin immediately after.



The day when it all starts to come together.
Method statements and risk assessments will have been completed by us in advance.
We will capture your video using Canon 5d Mark II, Canon 60 D, 18-135mm lens, 50 mm lens with 1.4 aperture, 200mm lens, reflectors, Bowens lighting kit, soft light and outstanding flashes.
Our team are great to work with and enjoy getting to the core of what the client needs and in delivering them something creative that suits their brief. We recommend that you join us on the day.



Editing can be conducted on-site for clients who require same-day turnaround.
For other clients, the footage will be returned to our post-production department, where editing can begin.
We will be using the latest version of Adobe, Premiere Pro and After Effects.


Final Delivery

After approval, videos are encoded for optimal playback in your chosen formats.
Final delivery is made online through Dropbox, with the master files available typically within the hour once approved.